Wednesday 25 June 2008

I Dont Wanna Fight - Westlife

I Dont Wanna Fight - westlife

I cant sleeo, everything I ever knew
Its a lie without you
I cant breathe, when my heart is broke in two
There's no beat without you

You're not gone but you're not here
At least thtas the way it seems tonight
If we could try to end these wars
I know thta we can make it right
Cause baby


I dont wanna fight no more
I forgot what we were fighting for
And this loneliness thtas in my heart
Wont let me apart from you
I dont wanna have to try
Girl to live without you in my life
So I'm hoping we can start tonight
Cause I dont wanna fight no more

How can I leave, when everything that I adore
And everything I'm living for girl its in you
I cant dream, sleepless nights have gotme bad
The only dream I ever had is being with you

I know that we can make it right
Its gonna take a little time
LEts not leave ourselves with no way out
Lets not cross that line


Remember that I made a vow that I would never let you go
I meant it then I mean it now and I want to tell you so


* change "girl" to "boy" for girl who cried out there... :-)

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