Wednesday 25 June 2008

Story 1

* Scene inside a car.

A couple of lover are driving around in town along with the girl's little niece age 7. He slowy stop their car as the traffic light turned to red.

Lady: Oh my... another traffic light. I think this town has too much traffic light.
Men: Dont worry dear...It wont take long.
Little Niece: You can make the light turn to green
Men: How dear?
Little Niece: Blow the traffic light as hard as you can (joking)
Men: Really. Come let us do it ...

(both the men & little niece blow the traffic light as hard as they can be. The lady just laugh to see them with such a silly thing. Seconds later, the traffic light turned into green and...)

Little Niece: See..I told u so (laughing with joy)
Men: Yes. U are right..(smilling)
Lady: U guys are so funny (happy to see them both can get along well)

(they then continued doing so everytime their passing through the traffic light so that it always be green light)

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