Thursday 3 July 2008

I was terrified

I am not feeling well since yesterday as I have a very bad backpain. The backpain has caused me half paralyse yesterday evening around 4 pm. At that time, I cant even move my body and I cried when I tried to reach my handphone at the living room. It came very painful when I tried to walk, breathe or cried. I called him (my x-bf) many times but failed. So, I just sit there on the couch and took the pain killer. An hour later, the pill works. Only then, he return my call. I just told him what has happen to me and he asked me to go to the hospital. But I didnt do that. I just hate to see doctors (dunno why)...

And today, I am in the office and still have the backpain but as worst as yesterday. However, I think I just got myself a fever. This is all because of the air-conditioner in this office. It is so cold that we have to wear extra jacket/sweater/long scarf to warm up ourself. So, I'm likely blame the air-conditioner.

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