Thursday 3 July 2008

Candle Light Dinner

My first candle light dinner was in 2005. It was so romantic and funny as well because I didnt actually cook for that dinner but I bought chicken rice from outside. So, that evening after work, I rushed to the restaurant and buy the chicken rice then again rushed to a gift shop to get the candle (lavendar aromatheraphy), card, and anything that I need for the dinner. I only have about 1 hour and half to prepared everything. Since I dont have any vehicle/car, I just walk as fast as I could so that I managed to prepare everything. Since I just moved in, so I didnt have plate, spoon or anything yet except for a coffee table in the middle of the living room. So, I just used whatever things that I have and waited for him to come.

Sharp at 7.30 pm, he came with no idea about this candle light dinner. I switched off the light and there was only the light from the candle. He was so surprise when I open the door for him as he saw the candle.He just say "Oh my God"...I just smiled and lead him to the living room.This was our first & last candle light dinner which was so funny and yet romantic. I'll cherish this memories and many other

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