Monday 7 July 2008

3rd semester

Today is my 1st day to attend my class after almost two months school holiday. And it is my 3rd semester to pursue my master study....Meaning that I will be graduate with master of corporate communication from the university by next year in August. Today class wil be on public speaking for professionals. Anyway, this whole week I have to attend four classes as I havent decided to enrol in which courses yet so it is going to be very tiring for me as I have to drive all the way from my office in PJ to the campus in Serdang then drive back home in KL...what to do...."Bersusah-susah dulu, bersenang-senang kemudian"


  1. welcome back to new semester. Great that you will be enrolling on that Professional Public Speaking Class. I have yet to improve my english laa, let alone converse in english with people.. aiyorkkk

    happy blogging ya. :)

  2. mine are not that good either..hehehe

  3. tu bagus, exercise kuruskan badan lagi.