Monday 7 July 2008

I WON!!!!

Me in my happy face

Finally I won something from Emilayusof. I participated with her quiz on Guess the cartoon Character based on Yassin's drawing. So, I am getting myself my own cartoon character done by Emilayusof and a header with the cartoon... I am so excited and cant wait to see my prizes...


  1. congrats,

    You won!! Syabas..

    I thought earlier it was Mask Rider. hahaha

    Well blogging does have its special benefits and rewards..

    Cant wait to see your new banner too


  2. me too...Kak emi baru je lepas visiting us at the office last Friday and we had our lunch together..It was like another bonus to us sbb dah lama x jumpa dgn Kak emi..

  3. Hehe dalam minggu ni Kak Emi buat k? Eh, kat kuiz tu awak Blossom!