Friday 12 September 2008

100th Post

I finally be able to post my first 100th post in Notes By Marvic. I am glad that I managed to reach here. Notes By Marvic was started by me, of course since July 2007. It has been 1 year 1 month 12 days since my first post in Notes By Marvic.

Thus, I would like to have my first giveaway in conjunction with my 100th post in Notes By Marvic. The giveaway will be a silver necklace with a pendant that I handmade myself as shows in the picture below.

To win this giveaway, you have to leave your comments in this post and tell me why you should and deserve to have this giveaway deliver to your door. I'll choose the best comment of all. This giveaway will be due by 30th September 2008. I will announce the winner's name by 1st October 2008, which is fall on 1st day of Eid ul-Fit in Malaysia.

Good Luck to all...


  1. Yay!!!! First commentator!!!! I deserve to win this because I collect pendants and furthermore I like it!!!

  2. Later I help buzzing for you in my post ok!

  3. because i cannot wear all metal pendants because it gives me ezcema that won't go away! and yours is lovely and i would display it proudly. :)

  4. I deserve to win because this is unique made by Marvic :)

    I just love handmade :)

  5. hi Marvic, I am here. I want it because its first giveaway by Marvic. Not just that I am accessories freak. Well, you can called me accessories geek as well. :P

  6. Thanks for inviting me!

    I appreciate free stuffs more than anything, the air...maybe? I hope I win Marvic as I'm not wearing any necklace at the moment. I'm sure orange will give me good aura!

  7. hi marvic, such a coincidence!! i mentioned at emila's that i love this orange pendant, and now u're giving this away!! yippee!!

    looks like this pendant is meant for me lar! Come here, orange pendant, come to yr master!! lol!

  8. i deserve to win this pendant because lil zaes(in case you didnt know, he's my son) loves the colour orange so much, and if i wear it, it'll sure take away all his other attractions and he'd only sees me when he's in a verge of being hyper.. hahahaha..

    hi marvic. glad that i finally made it here.. u see, i dont have so much time to surf the net during my free time at home sebab kena attend to the lil ones (sometime big one oso.. the father laa..) same goes to t.h, mariuca, mangosteenskin (to name a few) blog.. nantilah.. i'd make sure to visit and be a regular reader....

    btw, "handycrafting" betol la korang ni semua kan...? (i'm too "lethargic" to start my own stuff..)

  9. Emila: happy to hear that you like it and thanks for the help.

    Jenny Fowler: Thanks for joining this and gud luck

    Sherry: I know u r going to love this

    TH: You are accessories geek

    mangosteenskin:Hopefully the orange's aura works with u

    Jean: keep calling for the pendant :)

    Roxychick: Gud luck

  10. Let's see.. I deserve to win because.... the pendant matches my LJL blog.. and it would look perfect there when I blog about the win..heheh

    Thanks so much for the opportunity Marvic.. it is indeed so pretty :)

  11. Happy 100th post! This is my first visit to your blog, and just wanted to say hello. The pendant you made is beautiful, I like the colors and it is something I would wear with pride and eventually pass down to my daughter when she got a little older. Thanks for the opportunity! Have a wonderful day!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  12. Marvic!!!! I deserve to win this awesome pressie cause EC deleted my account earlier and I had a terrible time worrying about it until my account was reinstated ha ha!! :):):)

    Btw, ur rankwidget is causing pop ups to appear every time I come here. Same thing happened to me when I had the widget at my blog, so I removed it. ;)

  13. Dropping EC here today Marvic, happy Thursday! :D