Friday 12 September 2008

1993 Honda Civic Blog Contest Giving away 7500 EC Credits

While I was surfing here and there to drop my EC, I found this interesting contest that promising 7500 EC credits for the winners. Bart Piotrowski, owner of 1993 Honda Civic is having his first contest and giving away EntreCard Credits.

The rules are very simple and prizes are definitely worth it, so start acquiring tickets as soon as you can.

1st Prize is 5000 EntreCard Credits

2nd Prize is 2000 EntreCard Credits

3rd Prize is 500 EntreCard Credits

You can earn 1 ticket for every comment you leave on any of my posts with a maximum of 15 total comments.

Below are ways to collect more tickets:

+1 Ticket: You can earn your first ticket by leaving a comment on this blog post.
+5 Tickets: Write a Blog post on your Blog which talks about this contest and link to it.
+1 Ticket: Digg this contest. Click here, then click Digg it and follow the instructions.
+1 Ticket: Stumble or Stumble Review this contest. Click here, then click StumbleUpon and follow the instructions.
+1 Ticket: Favorite this contest on Technorati.

Once you have earned your tickets leave a comment here and let 1993 Honda Civic know how many tickets you have earned and also include your UserID used for StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati so he can double check this.

Contest runs from Aug 28th to September 30th, 2008. Winners will be drawn and announced shortly thereafter.

Although the organizer have no intention of doing so, they reserve the right to make changes to the contest at any time.

So, why you want to waste more time? Pay your visit at 1993 Honda Civic and join me in this contest. Its going to be fun.....


  1. wah.
    dah jadik EC freak eh.. =p

    dah cukup 500EC cdt for the dolly?

  2. lol...

    maybe i can have my 2nd, 3rd dolly...

  3. Hi Marvic, I've just joined EC recently and I'll check it out soon! ;-)

  4. well, u should and dont miss out this oppourtunity

  5. Hola Marvic! How are u liking EC so far? Best tak? He he! :D