Thursday 25 September 2008

Updates before Eid ul-Fitri

I am on my way to finish sewing beads on baju kurung for my client. This is the 5th baju kurung, I hope. So far, friends and colleague started to noticed my skills in beading and they send in their cloth for me to sew the beads. Meanwhile, I keep dropping my comment in for the Sept Giveaway. This time, the winner are going to get a lovely mug. I dont expect myself to win this giveaway but I just want to maintan myself comfortable seat at 3rd top commentator...

I'll post the pictures on my beading work soon after I download it from my handphone.

News Update:
Finally I done with the beading. So now it is time for me to do mine. But I guess I had to take my rest tonight as I got a teribble headache. Again, I already plan my weekend ahead.This may include my raya shopping spree at The Curve flea market..admiring one black handbag that I saw two weeks ago...hopefully the handbag still there.

To the rest blogger, happy weekend and those who driving back home for Eid ul-Fitri, please drive carefully..remember this funny ads when you are driving back...

the moral is; please do wear your seat belt...this may include the back passenger as well...


  1. wahhh.. bagus la marvic.. kawan-kawan dah mula bagi perhatian..

    huhu.. harap lepas nii makin bertambah tempahan kan..

    tempat ke tiga tu boleh kira sebagai moderator kat ruang emila tuu hehe.. :)

  2. thanks rizal...

    kalau jadi moderator bertauliah kat tu x per la i baru je jadi anak murid si mariuca & TH... hehehehe

  3. Marvic! Happy Hari Raya sweetie! Don worry, u're still number 3 at Emila's lol! And thanks for having MPG at ur blog today. :):):)

  4. happy raya to u and your family mariuca...