Monday 29 September 2008

More pictures updates: as I promise before

Ghorme Sabzi
(Iran delicacies)

The rice

(cooked it with butter, salt etc)

The Salad (Iran's style)

Coke (My fave of ALL)

Here is more pictures updates as I promise before in my previous post. Misha Teimoury from Iran is in the class with me and she was too kind to cook the Iran delicacies for us. We were having this late lunch at her rented studio apartment somewhere in Serdang Baru. Ghorme (Qohmeh) Sabzi is a combination of dry lemons with herbs and meat that cooked for almost 3 hours. This dishes also known as Iranian stew is also often said to be the Iranian national dish. It is recommended for those who like to eat sour meal but not me. LOL....But thanks Misha for the trouble you made during preparing this delicacies for us...


  1. Aiyo..... more yummy looking dishes!! That butter rice dish looks so tempting!

    This is ur Iranian friend yg kat Friendster tu ke?

  2. Seriously, I gotta leave ur blog now he he..terus lapar datang sini! Happy buka to u sweetie! :):):)

  3. That Iranian lady in my friendster is her friend, time I put her picture here...The butter rice mmg sedap..the rest kena rasa sendiri..LOL