Thursday 30 October 2008

Marvic is Back....

Hay!!! Marvic is back.... back to update NotesByMarvic daily if possible, dropping EC here and there. Plus, i have been tagged by Rizal, Mariuca's Perfume Gallery, Jean and many others. I will make post it up very soon...

Now I have peace in mind since I finised with all my assignment and sit for final exam. At least I can focus more on my blogging and my other project that has been on hold since few month back. There will be a lot of pictures that I took during my last Raya Holiday in Kuching.

Anyway, I am in the mood for Christmas already. I need to plan super early for the christmas gift as I want to have my personal touch on every gift if possible.


  1. Marvic!! Wah best la finish ur exam and assignments eh? Buzz me later when u're done with the Pink sisterhood tag eh..then I'll happily add u to the list! :):):)

  2. ok :D

    sekarang ni..really have Peace in Mind...