Wednesday 1 October 2008

Winner for the 100th Post Giveaway

The winner for this giveaway is Roxychick. Her comments keep remind me of her lil zaes and everytime I think about this contest, I will always remember lil zaes. I think Roxy deserved this pendant as her comment are able to keep me remember about her cute lil zaes. I believe that lil zaes will like this pendant too....

This was Roxy's comment for the contest;

"i deserve to win this pendant because lil zaes(in case you didnt know, he's my son) loves the colour orange so much, and if i wear it, it'll sure take away all his other attractions and he'd only sees me when he's in a verge of being hyper.."

roxy, please do email me your mail address. I'll be send it over to you after I coming back from my raya holiday.

To the other bloggers, dont be too sad. There will be more in the future..... and thank you for your participation in this contest. Love you all so much.....Muah!!Muah!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!!


  1. congrats to Winner so happy you win it. oh Marvic need your advice.. do you know any travel agency in kuching that provide ground tour? Planning go kuching next July.

  2. boo hoo... I not win. Next time time. Roxy, you R lucky!

  3. Tahniah kepada pemenang itu,

    syabas..syabas.. :)

    Selamat hari yang baik2 ya marvic..

  4. hi marvic... been celebrtaing raya smp tak de masa nak cek out anybody's blog... wow! tau2 je TH drop a comment saying i wont the pendant! haha! thanks for thinking of zaes whenever you looked at the pendant.. i'll email u soonest k! thanks a lot! really happy cuz this is my 1st time menang something from the bloggers society...

    thanks! tk care yah!

  5. marvic,
    ditcha get my email?
    ive emailed you ystd..

  6. Congrats to Roxy and welcome back Marvic! :)

  7. miss you so much marvic, how you doing?

  8. Hola Marvic! You’ve been tagged at MPG!

  9. congrates, roxy! :)

    marvic, you've been awarded! come & pick up yr awards, k! :)