Friday 16 January 2009

Santubong Beach

Capturing the sunset in a frame of love

Just trying to capture the sunset

Whose fingers is that?

Sunset at Pantai Puteri

The scenery was so beautiful

The Mount Santubong

Need sandals anyone?


Again trying to promote the sandals

Relaxing by the beach

Rose (Titanic) wannabe

Me and the scenery

Once we done with our window shopping trip at Kuching Main Bazaar, we make our journey to Santubong Beach. The purpose is just to enjoying our evening at the beach. The journey from Kuching to Santubong Beach take about 30 to 40 minutes drive depending with the traffic. After spending more than two hours at the beach, we move on to Buntal Village for our dinner. Buntal Village is popular with their seafood restaurant. Moreover the seafood are fresh, affordable and the view is facing the ocean. Definitely recommended for tourist. I was unable to take any picture while we were at Buntal because we were so hungry plus we were distracted with the delicious meal. Even on our way back home, I asked for fried squid to take away...yummy..yummy...


  1. very nice pictures Marvic.. esp the framing of the sunset :) cool man! I am sure u have a very nice time with ur buds... nice to go on a holiday again ye?

  2. Copyright issue!!!! U upload my face too... I wanna sue u! Jk.. LOL :p

  3. wah wah wah...bercanda di tepian pantai!

  4. hehehe...teringat lagu anita sarawak

  5. d day she lost 2 handphone and cash....hmmm....did u learn sumthing?

  6. Hahah.. Blekkkk AshodaSangKenyalang!