Thursday 15 January 2009

Shopping at Kuching Main Bazaar @ Carpenter Street

Marvic & Shirley, Temple @ Carpenter Street

Marvic & Michelle, Temple @ Carpenter Street

Wooden Seater for sale at on of the shop

Shirley pose with the cats.

This was the day that we do our window shopping around Carpenter Street @ Kuching Main Bazaar. This place is known as your souvenirs heaven as you can get almost everything that you are looking for. The prices are fair and bargainable. My advice to all tourist shopper is to do a survey first as every shop has different price for the same item. I love to do my window shopping here as they have really good stuffs that are suitable for home decoration. This is where I get the mystery gift.


  1. That day.. Marvic bullied us accompany her.. What a boring day! At the end of the day, my feet pain2 one... Too much... Too much... LOL~

  2. the end of the day, we were having our dinner at Buntal ok...hahaha