Wednesday 4 February 2009

Lazy Queen of the Century

I think I lost my touch on arts for many months already. I has always intended to do some drawings every time I'm driving home from work but end up doing nothing at all (I always do some serious thinking when I were driving on anything). My sewing tasks is piling up at home without me have the mood even to touch the sewing machine (so sorry friends...). I know this is not good if I want to deliver good service to my clients. There is lots of idea of what I want to do from beading project, sewing project, knitting and crochet and etc. At least I did some of the knitting a bit in alternate day but now my sewing project. The only things that I do is watch tv all day long. I do sounds like a lazy queen of the century right....hahaha.

Class already started for a months. Assignments and projects is pouring in. I'll be getting myself busier in few weeks to come as I need to get ready with my assignments and projects. Last night, I got a good news from the lecturer regarding to our midterm exam. There is no Midterm Exam.Wohoooo!!!!!! Back to my Cross Cultural Marriage project, so far there is nobody interested to be in the project since I post about it weeks ago. Maybe I need to approach them personally. So, who wanna be in my project? hehehe

Now, I am in the mood to look for information on DSLR camera. I may not be buying it soon but I would like to be able to differentiate the camera's features. As you know, I am more interested with Nikon' s DSLR camera.We will see if I change my mind on the brand.


  1. Canon is the best of the best eva n eva...

  2. Ahmad Nazif: Ye ke camera canon ok? nanti i gi cari info ek..thanks

    Diyadeary: Alahai..ada jugak org nak support aku ni... lol