Tuesday 3 February 2009

Ashoda 1St Giveaway Contest

Ahsoda, a friend of mine who is also a blogger is having his 1st giveaway contest. He actually just bought his new camera as he loves photography so much. Here is his latest post on the contest; last, i got myself a new camera...preview from my new camera... the respond that i got from my readers, many of them says that they can`t see anything from the last i went out and get myself a new camera.This is the result from the new camera. Anyone who can guess what brand and model of camera that i bought, i will give them a a free guess...hahahhahahah (there's a mill model out there so guess...)

He then personally asked me to promote about his 1st giveaway. This contest start from today and due until 4th February 2009, at 12 midnight (Malaysia time). All you need to do is only to give your lucky guess by leaving your answer at under his post here. The winner will receive a mystery gift. Lastly this contest is open to all bloggers. Good news right...

Good Luck then...!!!!!

This photo taken by Ashoda using his new camera.


  1. diya bagi je satu senarai panjang

  2. poor ashoda... it'll wont be long b4 sum1 discover the cam model from the pic exploit hohoho

  3. Maria!! dah teka dah! gerenti betul punya!!!

  4. Zyul: i know the model so i am considered disqualified as well... :lol:

    Emila Yusof: ye ke kak emi? hehehehe

  5. lulz emila, u d/l the pic and viewed the info rite hehehe. no wonder 'gerenti'. XD

    marvic, too bad we doesnt fit in T&A :P

  6. Emila Yusof: hahaha...

    Zyul: I have no comment. we just wait for the result tonight... lol

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!!