Tuesday 3 February 2009

Birthday Wishes

I got tagged by Ms Gagay @ Walkingnewspaper on Birthday Wishes. Fortunately, my birthday is just around the corner. Happily I made some serious thinking for my own birthday wishes (aha...). This birthday wishes is also going to be my whole year wishes as well as long as I am still 27 years (that is right..I am 27 years old soon and getting older each day)

Rules Of The Tag:
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Here is my birthday wishes for 2009:

1. Be bless with a good health and wealth (a must..)
2. Be bless with my besties (girls/ dude...u know who u are)
3. Be able to finish my master programme with flying colours
4. Digital SLR camera - Nikon D90 (can someone get it for me as my birthday gift... :)
5. My parent: Wish that they will be bless by Allah with good health and wealth
6. God, I really need a promotion on my job with good salary (par with my qualification)
7. I dont need any drama in my life (but there is always one because we are the main player in our life drama..we cant escape from it)
8. I need a good, nice companion for me to go on with my life (Allah please let me know who is he)
9. Be more mature, wiser but still stay younger
10. I want all my wishes to be true.

Now, I have already reveal my birthday wishes. It is up to you to help me to make it happen. ..hehehe..and now I want to know your birthday wisher for 2009. Then, together we can make it happen and come true. So, I am tagging Ashoda, Emila Yusof, Mariuca, Nessa, Roxychicks, Diyadeary, Shemah, Jean Chia, Ken, TH. Let us all know your birthday wishes k...


  1. berapa haribulan besday u?

    okay, i'll it do soon! :D

  2. doing the tag pls check my blog later :)

  3. diyadeary: kalau bagitahu boleh dpt ur card free tak? hehehe

    TH: ok..happY tagging

  4. Eh I didn know u tagged me oso Marvic, tak appear kat Technorati pun! Wah bila besday u ni???? :)

  5. Thanks for the tag sweetie, nanti kena fikir dulu he he! ;)

  6. Marzie, u can take ur time...hehehe..

  7. thanx for tagging me ;) will post them soon...

  8. ahahahha! you know what..? ive 2 (or was it 3) more tags yang belom buat ni...

    tapi takpe. i shall do it bila i dah settle the others.. can not?

    lgpon, i'm turning version 3.0 dis year.. kena pikir dalam2 ni.. special sket. =p

  9. Ken: i know u will... :)

    Roxychicks: pikir la dalam2..lambat pun x kisah.. :)

  10. Hi Marvic!

    Thanks for the tag, easy and interesting.. hehe..

    Errr.. 10 wishes only ah?? :D

  11. hello marvic! thanks for the birthday tag! I will do this real soon! :)

  12. marvic dear, i've just done the tag! :) Happy Wednesday! :)

  13. Nessa: Each sentences u can make more than 1 wishes ma..

    Jean: already read ur wishes. so simple but meaningful..mine so greedy..hehehehe

  14. I feel you need to add one more to the list, love every thing and get back the same love..The the first on my list..hope you will add this. The other one is the reason god has created you! thanks

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