Monday 2 February 2009

Diyadeary - First Giveaway

Courtesy from Diyadeary's (The Loves of Art and Craft)

Diyadeary is having her first giveaway in conjunction with her new launch craft blog - Diyadeary's (The Loves of Art and Craft). She is now in love with handmade card which is look so lovely and creative to me. If you thinks that you are agree with me then, do not waste any of your time as she is making few handmade card for Valentine's Day. Definitely your partner can feel your love immediately once you give them the sweet card. You can now browse through her cards right away or if you think that you want something more special, you can fill in the request form. So what are you waiting for; grab one now!!!!


  1. very nice :) got a tag for you

  2. marvic, thanks for the lovely post. u really help me promoting my new blog.. THANK YOU SO MUCH dear.. :)

  3. Sherry: tagged!!!! hahahha

    Diyadeary: no problem dear. ur art is so beautiful