Monday, 2 February 2009

Lovely Blogs - That I Adore

Thanks to TH for the tag. Well, I do have more than 10 blogs that I adored the most because of their story, their unique creativity and many more reasons that I cant even describe the words. So now, here is my 10 blogs that I love and adore the most;

1. Emila Yusof
2. Mariuca
3. TH of ThereIsHappiness
4. Shemah of My Sweet Escape
5. Diyadeary of Ceritadia
6. Jean Chia of AGP
7. Ken @ tapestry
8. Khemy
9. Roxychicks
10. Nessa

So, I awarded the Lovely Blogs Award to the names above.

The rules are,
1. I have to nominate another 10 bloggers that i really love to visit their blog.
2. Put the logo in my blog and link to the person who gave me this award.


  1. what a lovely award well done!

  2. awww.. marvic. thanks for the award!
    rasa mcm tak deserve it sbb i'm not a good story teller as i always tell craps about my life. and i'm not as creative as others let alone to hold a lucky draw/contest/giveaways...

    anyway, thanks hun! muacks!

  3. found this blog maybe is what you looking ? about mix culture?

  4. Eh, I just noticed this! Thank you so much Marvic :D