Monday 16 February 2009


The sleepiness is still in me but I cant do much about it. I need to feel refresh but how? So I sit still at the faculty lobby and do some observation on the students.The girls always tried to look their best in big hobo bags, high heels, bling-bling baju kurung. Some with skinny jeans, make-ups like working adult. Not only the girls, but also the guys. Being a macho man they try to be with one mission in their mind..getting hitch with the guys are still studying. You dont have to dress yourself like a working adult with four figure salary. Get yourself into the reality guys. the money you use to buy the make-ups, branded attire is all from your study loan or from your PA&MA (father & mother) loan. You may be happy at this moment. But just wait till you be a real working adult whereby you will be worried on bills, office tense and many more that you may cant imagine. Believe me, I have been through this. Not that I am saying that I was like them before (luckly I wasnt). What I meant is get my ass work hard day and night everyday and attend myself to the bills. Wake up my brother and sister!!!! Be prepare yourself with the more challenging world out there. Nobody will help you except yourself.


  1. I like the song eventhough I don't understand it. I like the strumming!

  2. thanks is a good song.. :) glad that u like it

  3. ye la naizf..saje nak sindir aku la tu.... lol