Monday 16 February 2009


I am now at the campus, surfing, updating blogs and few other work before I attend the evening class today. I took a day off (taking mc actually) as I need to got to the clinic. This after noon is very damn hot as I am still right here in Latar Siswa. I feel a bit drowsy because of the cough syrup that prescribed by doctor. The only place that I can think of to take a nap is in my car but again I cant stand with the hot weather. I cant drive back because I cant drive my car now..How I wish that there is empty class nearby.


  1. kat cafe boleh tidur tak? cari sudut baik punya dan nap!!

  2. lotfi: mmg penuh kesabaran bila aku tido kat lobby fakulti ni...x peduli dah org lalu lalang....

    Kak emi: cafe kat fakulti ni open space so still panas gak..huhuhu...ok la kot dpt tido sejam lebih tadi...