Thursday 12 March 2009

Motivated or Demotivated

Do I feel motivated or demotivated at this point of time? emmm...let me think for a while...Nope...I dont really think that I feel motivated right now. I just got this circular from the management about bonuses, increment and promotion. Only got 1 month bonuses (dah la gaji ciput), 3% increment and promotion?..I dont think is getting worst and I am not very happy about it. Some colleague (from the same batch) in other department has been promoted many times but not us in this department. Few of us in this department has been with this company for 7 years already but still not being promoted from his/her position. It is so sad and so unfair. Not that we are not doing our job. We did it with our best. In fact excellent. But just because we have a leader that doesnt fight for our rights, we were left behind from the other department. How long should it goes like this? How long should I be loyal to this company? The situation now that this department has been down-scaled from a department to a unit under one new department which is supposed to be a unit under this department. The new head of department doesnt want to know anything about what we has done to the company before. Nor our expertise.He/she, in fact started to employ new staffs with questionable qualification and being hired to unreasonable position in this department and claimed that they are more experienced than us. Not only that, he/she even turned this department's task to different task. What is happening?


  1. biase la marvic..
    kat tempat i lagi la..
    yg baru masuk tak sampai setahun terus dapat nek pangkat.. ni stok2 yg kuat bodek bos..

    terpakse la tahan.. sayang nak tinggal kan keje yg ade nih.. disebabkan mber2 kot sbb dah rapat giler..

    nway.. harap tahun ni, u happy2 & mana tau u get promotion nek pangkat ke.. ( i blanje ais krim.. nyum2 )

  2. Apa kata u beli camera dan buat macam i buat..
    Its fun tak perlu pening2 nak naik pangkat..

  3. fazzy: kalau x sebab dah close sgt dgn team lama ni..mmg dah lama i blah from this company.

    nazif:kalau i beli camera pun ..i still pening gak sbb gaji x naik gak...bila la dunia ni betul2 ader keadilan...

  4. hi!
    aok la ktak.
    ktak asal mana tok?
    taok sikpa.
    mek pun rasa guilty pulak tok sbb sidak semua sik faham bah apa mek madah.

  5. Sik apa la ajwin. janji dirik puas hati bah. kmk asal dari kuching tapi keja di PJ sitok.

  6. tok tek tok tek...

  7. nazif, belajar la dari pak ngah..kekeke

    kak emi: mmg dah mula cari keja lain :) harap2 ada rezeki lebih

  8. bagus and don't stop looking! you've been there for too long. it's about time you move on. the environment is not healthy :)

  9. tapi kak emi, sayang la nak tinggalkan indra, kak ani, erin, atie, hafriz, ja'a yg hensem, adli, ipin...

  10. takpe... can still meet them bila2 nanti.