Wednesday 11 March 2009

Blogger Gathering - Update 2

New updates on our blogger gathering. Fazzy & I decided to list down suitable dates and venue for the gathering to be held. The exact and absolute date nor the venue are still hanging as it has to be agreed by fellow participants. I am not sure how many of us will join this gathering except for me and Fazzy. So, hopefully in the next update, the date and venue will be determine and easy for us to know who is coming. So now, please do vote for the suitable date and venue. This blogger gathering will be held according to the highest vote for date or venue.


Venue :
Sg. Congkak, Hulu Langat
Port Dickson, N.9
Bagan Lalang

Transportation: Car-pool


  1. marvic.. cam takde sape2 nak join jerr..
    muahahaha takper la kite wat berdua je lahh..
    u tgk i, i tgk u

  2. ye la friend yg kebetulan dtg ke KL minggu ni pun tanya gak..bila gathering tu sbb diorang pun nak gak tumpang sekali...kita buat berdua je la..tapi kena tarik nazif sekali sbb dia dah janji nak belanja makan kfc dgn aiskrim baskin robin kan...

    iyda, i pun nak merajuk gak....

  3. ala..jadi la....kitorang nak merajuk sbb xder org lagi nak sign for participation..uwahhh...