Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Blogger Gathering - Update 1

Fazzy and I is planning to have a blogger gathering soon. This gathering is open to any blogger that interested to get to know each other better and sharing our blogging experience. We thought of having this gathering either at any local beach or waterfall. This gathering also open to those who likes to photography and outing. When and where the event will take place is still open for discussion. Those who like to take part can do so by letting us know by leaving your comment here. We are expecting more than two blogger (thats Fazzy & me of course) to join this gathering because the more the merrier gathering will be. Any suggestions on the date and venue is welcome. So, Nazif, Bain and Diya...what are you waiting for? Sign up for this program and we promise you the fun.

*New Update:

It seem that it would be more fun to have this gathering at waterfall. Lots of activity can be arrange such as BBQ session, fun games and many more. So, I would like to seconded Fazzy's idea to have this gathering at waterfall. But again the exact waterfall location will be determine soon. It would be nice if we can have this in March. So, friends, those who interested, please email me with your suggestion and idea.