Tuesday 3 March 2009

Reason I Has Been Away

Many of you might be wondering where has I been for the whole week. I was admitted to HUKM last Tuesday for an endoscopic sinus surgery that has been schedule long in September 2008. But I delayed the surgery due to my study as well as I intended to bring over my mother to taking care of me while I'm in the ward. I have Chronic Sinustis since I was age 10 and did undergo the same surgery three times (age 14, age 16, age 19) and now at the age of 27. For years, I went for hundreds treatments and any specialist clinic is like a second home for me. Not to mention about the pills, nasal sprays and many other medicines that I took over the years. I was almost giving up when a doctor that gave me treatments long ago in Kuching told me that this sickness wont go away as it (the polyps) will always grow back. That is why I stop taking any medication until last year I was having very painful headache and it occurs frequently. Over the years, I took painkiller to ease the pain. I know taking painkiller is not good for me but I just had no choice but to take it almost everyday whenever its there. But until last year that I had to send myself to the specialist clinic and asked for consultation. Just with one appointment and CT Scan, the doctor advice me to go for the surgery as the polyps nearly closed both my nasal airway. So, I took the advice and try to think positive that my sickness can be heal even thou again this doctor did mention that it will always be there but at least the growth of the polyps can be control through proper medication. Did I mention that I am too afraid of needles. I even request to the nurses / doctor to use the smaller size of needle when they took my blood and inserting the IV. But it went well with slightest pain not like what I experienced back then in Kuching.

My experience during my stay in the ward was so luxury as my meal was superb. I was served with Briyani Chicken for lunch, Grilled Blackpepper Chicken with Mushroom soup for dinner. Not to forget the evening tea and breakfast too. I even can choose my meal for the next day. Somehow I feel like having a holiday except of having to stay on bed with gauze in my nose and IV on my right hand.Funny, but I kinda like to stay in ward. Not only that, I have big flatscreen tv in my room. Few hours after the surgery, I was so hungry that I finished my dinner. Even until now, I cant stop eating, eating and eating. I need to stop this before I putting my I feel hungry.

Back to the story, Luckily I didnt get myself fever like before. I used to fall fainted from bed few hours after surgery just because I want to go to the toilet. I was still with IV on my left hand at that point of time. It was a shocking moments for my mother who tried to walk me to the toilet. That was during my 3rd surgery in Kuching. I did took pictures during my stay in the hospital. I will post it here soon. Now, I am still under medical leave until next Tuesday. I will only resume back to the office next Wednesday. I just miss my workplace and the chattering with colleagues.

Another amazing facts is that I was still in ward when I turned 27 years old this year. Age 27 on 27 February. Happy belated 27th birthday to myself.



  2. wow, sounds really luxurious lar yr meal during yr stay at hospital! grilled chic.. yumm!! :)

  3. btw, you've just been tagged with a very cool picture tag! come & check it out, k! :)

  4. Hey Marvic! Hope you get well soon and Happy Belated 27th birthday to you. Beautiful days ahead for you! take good care

  5. Heppy Belated birthday to you..

    Ohh ada polyps.. that's why marvic dpt migrane.. hopefully after sinus surgery the migrane will disappaer..
    Take Care

  6. marvic, cepat2 sembuh!!
    terliur plak menu semua best2
    happy belated birthday.. nice number
    27.. 27 feb.. hehehe

  7. thanks to all the wishes. mmg kena pantang segala ..the medicines lagi...tapi i think tonight i'm going to cook beef curry la...mengidam...kekekeke..

    jean & fazzy: the meals was really nice except on thrusday they served me baby porridge because they thought i dont hv selera after the surgery..i end up call my brother to buy me pack

    Linda: Yup..that is why i got that terrible migrain..hopefully getting better after this

  8. jean, i'll do the tag after i resume back to the office ya.. :)

  9. marvic, get well soon okay! take a good care of urself, dont forget to take the pills jugak!

    happy belated besday, dear.. :)

  10. diya: thanks for the thoughts & wishes :)

    Ken: i will ken.. :)

  11. hi marvic, like to invite you to take part in Makoy contest

    hope you mention referral by me. trying to earn referral points.

    thank you. Hurry contest ends on 15 march.

  12. happy belated birthday to you! hope you get well soon.

  13. get well soon Marvic! and happy belated birthday !

  14. Hi Marvic! Happy belated birthday to you :)

    Briyani Chicken for lunch
    Grilled Blackpepper Chicken with Mushroom soup for dinner... Wah, sedap-sedap makanan hospital ya :D

    Hope you're feeling better!

  15. hey babe! omg.. sorry to hear about your pain..

    anyway, me too have sinusitis but up till now, i can still control the mess laa.. but ada at times, memang tak tahan sebab everything pon kena block, tak masuk gatal2 kat kepala sume..

    but your case memang chronic.. i always wanted to do a surgery.. but till now, tak pegi pon consult specialist. dulu when i was with my previous company, i went to the ent specialist kat hukm gak (if tak silap, nama dia dr.anuar ke.. hape ke.. tah.. tak ingat dah..) and i was prescribed with nasonex and 2 other types of pill, satu mkn pagi, satu mkn mlm.. i cant remember the names. and the bill was crazy ok! masuk 3rd month i gv up sbb tak larat nak kuar duit byk2 (masa tu my previous co tak cover my medical expense)

    tapi, bila dah keja kat sini and ada medical coverage, tanak lak buat.. huhuhuhuuu..

    was it painful? tapi tak worth it kan sbb kena pegi buat every other years... tapi if covered, ok je.. haha.

    take care ok babe! get well soon!

  16. babe....mmg kita ni kesian kan...

    nasib baik la this company cover medical expenses..kalau x naya la aku nak bayar RM200++ everytime nak gi check up je...spray nasonex, clarytine for night, lagi satu tu amoxycilin (antibiotik)..hahahaha...mmg kepala pun boleh bang kat dinding kalau dah x tahan sgt.

    surgery kali ni ok sikit ..maybe sbb buat kat private clinic..kalay dulu buat kat general hospital so mcm ala kadar je kot the service...menakjubkan x sakit pon..skrg ni a bit relieve la jugak...on the 20th pun kena pegi lagi jumpa doc tu..hopefully for the last time la..nanti bajet clinic luar aku baru awal tahun.nasib baik single lagi...

  17. thanks to nessa, baincardin and sherry...

    nessa: food mmg marvelous

  18. hmph! jeles la pulak..

    yup. memang kesian menjadi kita.