Thursday, 16 April 2009

House Plan*

The front view

1st Floor

Lower floor

I was surfing on the net on house plan for my sister. She plan to build a house next to our parent back in hometown. So, while I were doing that, I kinda like this house plan. It is not that big and not that small..which is just nice for a family of four. Then, I were dreaming away to my future and creating an imagination of my own about owning this kind of house. It totally has everything that I need. A big master room, big bathroom, additional bedrooms, a family room, a study room, complete with nice kitchen and dining room as well. Again not to forget is my own wardrobe room (which obviously going to share with the one). This is a must have room I must say because I know myself very well. The best part is the build in garage and a backyard patio for barbecue purposes. I am dreaming away right now and imagining myself to live and to own this kind of house in the future.....Pisces is indeed a dreamer...

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Ahmad Nazif