Monday 20 April 2009

Tagged by Fazzy

Imagine you're walking in this endless desert, you're tired, thirsty and hungry, after walking many hours.
Now .. a majestic building appears before you.

1. What appears before you is
a. A castle
b. A museum
c. A hotel
d. A place of worship

my answer - c (pampering myself at 5 star hotel)

2. You enter this building through the
a. Window
b. Door
c. Balcony
d. Underground tunnel

my answer - b

Inside you find the place very majestic and beautiful.. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door.. you open the door...and find someone you really want to be with...

3. Who is the person?

my answer - someone that I am in love with laa....

You continue walking and you see a staircase leading to the next floor

4. Is it spiral or straight?

my answer - spiral

You walk up the stairs... counting the steps as you walk..

5. How many steps are there? (any number from 1 to infinity)

my answer - 50 (what kind of hotel that doesnt have lift?)

Next you enter a room...

6. How big do you want it to be?
a. The size of a fish tank
b. The size of a cupboard
c. The size of a jungle
d. The size of the pacific ocean

my answer - as big as my parent's home...hehehehe

7. What do you want the color of the walls to be?
a. Red
b. Purple
c. Yellow or orange
d. Rainbow colors

my answer - Rainbow colors (I want to be in a magic room)

A table appears before you....

8. Is it round or square or triangular or simply shapeless?

my answer - a big round table

There is a basket with 5 fruits on the table.. cherries, apples, oranges, grapes and watermelons.

9. Choose a fruit.

my answer - grapes

What is the purpose of this tag is unknown but it helps me to create my own world of magic at desert....Now, I think I would like to tag Lotfi and Nazif as both still and used to live in Saudi Arabia.


  1. kena la lotfi..kau kan duduk kat negara padang pasir skrg ni..kena story us la ur experience...hehehehe

  2. marvic jawapan ako dah letak kat blog ako..hehehe

  3. bole jadi novelis ar.. imaginasi tinggi.


  4. iyda...nak je jadi novelis...tapi ade ke org nak baca kan...hehehe

  5. ade jer. wat ler dulu. huhuauhuh