Monday, 20 April 2009

Tagged by Fazzy

Imagine you're walking in this endless desert, you're tired, thirsty and hungry, after walking many hours.
Now .. a majestic building appears before you.

1. What appears before you is
a. A castle
b. A museum
c. A hotel
d. A place of worship

my answer - c (pampering myself at 5 star hotel)

2. You enter this building through the
a. Window
b. Door
c. Balcony
d. Underground tunnel

my answer - b

Inside you find the place very majestic and beautiful.. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door.. you open the door...and find someone you really want to be with...

3. Who is the person?

my answer - someone that I am in love with laa....

You continue walking and you see a staircase leading to the next floor

4. Is it spiral or straight?

my answer - spiral

You walk up the stairs... counting the steps as you walk..

5. How many steps are there? (any number from 1 to infinity)

my answer - 50 (what kind of hotel that doesnt have lift?)

Next you enter a room...

6. How big do you want it to be?
a. The size of a fish tank
b. The size of a cupboard
c. The size of a jungle
d. The size of the pacific ocean

my answer - as big as my parent's home...hehehehe

7. What do you want the color of the walls to be?
a. Red
b. Purple
c. Yellow or orange
d. Rainbow colors

my answer - Rainbow colors (I want to be in a magic room)

A table appears before you....

8. Is it round or square or triangular or simply shapeless?

my answer - a big round table

There is a basket with 5 fruits on the table.. cherries, apples, oranges, grapes and watermelons.

9. Choose a fruit.

my answer - grapes

What is the purpose of this tag is unknown but it helps me to create my own world of magic at desert....Now, I think I would like to tag Lotfi and Nazif as both still and used to live in Saudi Arabia.