Tuesday, 21 April 2009

1st day at New Department*

As you can read from the headline, today is my first day working at the new department. I am no longer in Marketing Communication Department in this company. I asked for a transfer to East Malaysia Business Sector. Basically, I still do things that I did in my previous department but now I will only focusing on East Malaysia. There is a long story why I asked for a transfer which I think I am not going to put it here because I don't want to offend some people who might be reading this post in the future.

Yesterday, I was a bit down and sad because I was about to leave my best teammate ever. We has been working together for the past two years since I was transferred here from Kuching. I sent them my last email as their teammate and I was crying when I typed it in. Here is my fave lines in the email

"Thanks for accepting me when I was still new and naive back then in 2006. You guys had taught me lots of things about work, life and everything. I will treasure every jokes, tears and angers that we had share together for the past years. You guys has been a good brother, sister and mother to me while I was far away from my own. This department has been my 2nd home in KL. Dont forget to include me in any of your afternoon activities which I loves so much...."

The real write ups still here with me and touched my heart every time I read it through. But then, I need to move on with my life and this decision has to be made for my own good.

1st day in here, I feel so cold because of the temperature in this office. There were only 5 of us in this sector, including the BOSS A and his PA. BOSS A is not in yet because he is in Kuching for a meeting with the manager K. PA is not in the office until this friday. So, left is me and my new partner in crime L. Again, I work among tough guys like what I had back then in Kuching. There are few programs plan that I need to go through in a week before start my frequent journey, fly in and out from KL-KK-KCH. Yay!!!! Now I have the oppourtunity to see my mom and dad. Thanks GOD for your new gift to me...Love YOU

NO More Tears But SMILE

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