Thursday 23 April 2009

2nd day

Yesterday was my 2nd day in EMBS and I was forced to stayback in the office for a meeting from 2.30 pm until 7 pm...I was already making faces in the meeting because someone who pick me up already waiting for me from 5 pm till 7 pm...That friend of mine had to wait for two hours and dear friend, I am so sorry for the delayed. If in the previous department, I involved more in marketing and events/exhibitions as well in advertising. But in EMBS, I need to learn more on operational part which I had not touch it for more than 2 years. Need to catch up very soon as there are lots of project that need to be plan and excuted for East Malaysia.

Today, there will be another meeeting but luckly its only club meeting for the staff. I was elected as one of the club committee and now taking care of the Sport & Recreation Bureau. Me and my partners plan lots of sports activities and tournament for 2009 - 2010. Soon, there will be bowling tournament and badminton, internal and external tournament. I am excited about this as all of these activities will fill in my spare time starting in May since I will graduates soon...Now, I need to get back to my work...lots of data need to be compile...

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  1. Great to hear that you are graduating Marvic.
    Love some little surprises here of your cool and pretty portraits:)