Sunday, 26 April 2009

Found My New Love*

Dont be surprise with my headline for this post. Anyway, I did finally found my new love. That is Famous Amos Oatmeal Raisin. I bought it last Thursday and I cant stop thinking about it. Now the cookies is a must have for me everyday. It gives me the new meaning of love and I am totally in love with the chocolate cookies. The crispiness sounds of the cookies make me fly high and not to forget the gummy textures in my mouth gives me pleasures that I cant explain in words. Should I say more about it. Tell you what..Why dont you get cookies and experience it yourself. You wont be regret. Trust me.

But then, I need to stop indulging myself with this cookies or anything else because I am going to start my diet again starting tomorrow. I aim for 50kg by end of this month. Wish me luck on my new challenge. I also need to start on my exercise with power walk at the malls...Hehehehe..What else if not starting my window shopping for my Gawai Harvest Festival in June. I dont want to be chubby Marvic when I am going home for a holiday back home in June.

P.S: God please grant me my wishes for today.I know it is a lot. I'll be the nicest person you ever have in this centuries...well..I'll try to be one actually.

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