Saturday, 2 May 2009

I want the Lip Gloss from Roxychick

Before the transformation

After the transformation

I want that Lip Gloss sponsored by Roxychick in Emila's latest giveaway. I am running out of my lip gloss anyway..Whatever it is..I think I need that lip gloss since I am in the midst of transforming myself to a new person. I just had my new hair cut and style today. A bit like Cleopatra but dunno whether it look nice on Marvic or not..well..u can be the judge for the new look...Whatever it is...I need and I want that super Lip Gloss....Give it to me!!!!

Not only AF student had their transformation, I also joining in with my own version of transformation. Roxychick's Lip Gloss will surely help me a lot in this transformation process.