Saturday 9 May 2009

I'm In!!!!!!

I got my good news yesterday evening at 5.07 pm. Its a call that I have been waiting for the whole week. A call from Dr. Hamisah Hassan about my result. This call is to informed her students that took CE (comprehension exam) whether they actuall go through or failed. I was so nervous for the whole week. Not be able to concentrate on my work, nor having my sleep. But now, I can smile proudly with myself and few of my classmate that we pass the CE. Fuhhh!!!! What a relieved...I was not very confident to get through this semester as there was so many things that happen to me personally, both work as well as my personal life. Thanks to GOD for His greatest gift to me. Thanks to those who says their prayer for me. May GOD bless all of you.

To Mak - This Master degree is for you. You have been such a mother to me.

To Bapak - This Master degree is a prove to you that I also can excel in my study like any of your son.

To All My Friends - Hey guys..thanks so much for the full supports.

To Joanne & Ovia - Aunty has gone this far..Now show me that you two can do better than aunty...or else no more expensive gifts from aunty after this...

To All My Lecturers - Thanks for all the supports and knowledge that u gave me in this challenging quest of knowledge

To My Management - So now, can I demand more from the company? hehehe

Anyway, now I am thinking of PHD...hmmmm...In 7 years time or before the big number 40 come in my life....


  1. tahniah. tahniah. kek lapis sarawak aku jangan lupa. aku doa siang malam kat engkau. hahahaha

  2. lotfi..aku x pernah lupa kek lapis sarawak tu...nanti aku pass kat nazif kalau dia dah nak balik ke jeddah nanti...terima kasih sbb berdoa utk kejayaan aku..hehehehe

    P.S: Doakan jugak utk jodoh aku..kekeke

  3. Thanks Ashoda. You did ur part supporting me for the last 6 years and i hope the support & prayers is still continue for me.

  4. I know u always be there for me

  5. congrats maria!!!

    ashoda, mana hadiah saya?

  6. wah. u so tamak. nak buat phd pulak.. so after this dr marvic leh? ahaha..

    anyway, congrats to you! still can pursue your studies.. i pon tak tau la bila hati nak buat masters.. uhuhuuu..

  7. roxy, i bukan tamak tapi greedy..wakakaka....PHD tu nanti2 la dulu...nak matangkan my knowledge and gain more experience dulu...