Sunday 10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mak*

My mother is the greatest of all. She has been there for me, give me her full support and almost everything that a daughter need from her mother. Except for on ..she doesn't like to talk much like I do. She is the kind that use her silence to show her anger or dislike on something that we did in front of her. She got this eyes that can make us, her children afraid of her every time we did something wrong. She never raise up her hand to hit or spank us until now. Her only reason is that, she had us in her belly for 9 months and then raised us alone (my father then was a police force and seldom stay at home because of his duty). Plus, she loves us more than anything in this world. We are her children. Well, I am fully understand her feeling even thou I am not a mother yet..hahaha....

She is the one who accompany me every time I went for my treatment. She is the one who took care of me every time i was admitted to the hospital. She is the one who taught me how to do business of my own (for my school pocket money) since I was still age 6. She is the one taught me how to survive in the jungle. She is the one that taught be to be more independent and a survival. She is the first who taught me ABC and 123...She is the one who taught me to be a good negotiator and know how to place a bargain.. She is the one who taught me how to be a good shopper..hehehe..She is the one that taught me about life and family. The rest I pick it up somewhere along my journey of life.

It has been nearly 3 years that I have been away from her due to my work in KL. Everytime I went back for my holiday, she keep asking me when will I get the chance to work in my old office (Kuching). I did promise her that once I finish my study I will try to get back to Kuching's office which is supposed to be in this June. That was my promise to her. But now, I had to broke the promise as I had plan of my career. I did this for her and my dad obviously. I want them to be proud of my success both in work and academic. I will be back is just a matter of time. Happy Mother's Day to you..Love and Hugs from me....

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Emila Yusof

Happy Mother's Day Kak Emi


  1. happy mother's day to your mama!!!! and thank you for the wish!

  2. Happy Mother's Day ya Marvic :)

  3. happy mother's day to ur mom.. u bile nak jadik mom? ley i wish kat u next year.. muahahaha

  4. hi marvic, yeah mother's day so special, my mom was here to and we buy her lunch