Tuesday 16 June 2009

Blackberry or Iphone? *






I need to know what is the differences between both mobile phone in terms of features? I heard so many pro and cons about both mobile phone and yet still cannot decide which one is value for money. Honestly I like the touch screen feature that offered in Iphone. Not to mention that Iphone generously have wide screen compared with Blackberry...Uhuh..

So if you do have any information about any above, please do drop the info in here. Really appreciate it.


AZIHA @ Jia-Life


  1. hi Marvic...yay! da boley comment kt blog u...

    actually..i x tawu sgt balck berry ni ihiks :)..but as far as i know..those yg da biasa screen besar PDA..rase cam x best nk gune blackberry...

  2. Aziha...:D

    i suka screen besar..more over touch screen...hehehe

  3. i pon suke screen besar. best kan? hahhaha. i ade nokia jer. heee

  4. I suker Blackberry.. sedap dimakan... hehe

    Sori joking ya.

    Honestly I have no idea on the difference between the two :(

  5. Iyda..aku ader sony erricson je kot... lol

    kekadang tu terasa gak nak pakai yg best kan...a gift to myself for my hard work

  6. its ok nessa..hehehe..

    blueberry also nice...hehehe..and raspberry too.. :D

  7. marvic.. bagi i laa.. both best-best.. tapi i suke blackberry.. ko beli dlu iphone la marvic, lepas ni i beli blackberry.. kite tuka2

  8. ye la tu fazzy...aku nak guna dua2 boleh? lol

  9. if u want stability... blackberry
    if u want pretty and in trend... iphone


  10. uhuh...what if i look for stability, pretty and in trend styles in a mobile phone?..

    am i asking too much? :D

  11. err.. then go for the bb storm :D tats stability with style :) and touch screen too

  12. tepuk dada tny selera...ko phone tu utk ape? nk nmpk trendy jek or mmg nak gune kan function utk keje seharian ko....

    or maybe..ko leh review sini tgk pro&con dia

    p/s: kalo aku..aku prefer iPhone lah..nmpk lah mude kan..kalo nk nmpk corporate....balckberry is the best...sbb tu bos2 jek sll gune blackberry nih..hehehhee

  13. aku nak sbb aku nak lepak2 kat mana2..aku leh guna wifi and maen fesbuk game ke..blogging ke...

    p.s: Iphone mmg menampakkan kita muda..hehehe

    thanks for the link.nanti nak check

  14. Hei...the most famous and brutal spaceman is in da house..Yay!!! :D

    say that this opinion is from an Iphone's user perhaps? hehehehe..

    still need to look for more info for both

  15. Here's my opinion...

    If you want a jack of all trades, go for the iPhone. The selling power of the iphone is the App Store. 40 million apps in it, you'll find PLENTY of what you want.

    If you want instantaneous push email AND a hardware QWERTY keyboard, then Blackberry Bold is the answer. Blackberry Storm is NOT a good option, reviews said its very glitchy and is not an iPhone killer. And if you do take Blackberry, get Celcom, I heard that from someone who tried both Maxis and Celcom's services.

    I personally recommend the iPhone though I just own an iPod Touch (phoneless iPhone). But I've been using it nonstop for the apps. If you do want to go iPhone, don't jump the gun yet, wait for the iPhone 3GS, it should be out soon.

    Hope that helps :)

  16. Bem, this is so informative..hehehe..thanks..i do heard about Iphone 3Gs ...hope that it will be out very soon and please do cross our fingers that they come out with more killer feature... :D

    this is why i love to blogs very much...hehehe

  17. mungkin salah about 40 million apps tu, tak sure, but my advice is try dua dua dulu baru pueh :D

  18. yelaa Marvic, tunggu saja utk iPhone 3Gs tu. Aki pun ada cerita, iPhone 3Gs tu superb katanya! :)

  19. Bain...apa2 pun..dont go for the 1st batch..lepas 2/3 batch baru beli..hehehe...