Friday 19 June 2009

Edible Fern *

This is one of local dishes from my state, Sarawak. I was driving along Putrajaya last Wednesday
afternoon and I saw there was lots of Midin (as what most Sarawakian name it) along the road. This edible fern is fall under the category of Dennstaedtiaceae (family of Bracken fern). Sometimes, it can be cooked together with Fiddlehead fern as shown above. The best way to have it is by frying it with an ingredient that contains shrimp paste, anchovies, chilies, garlic and onion. The last time I enjoy this is during my last Christmas holiday.

The only reason that I posting about this is because I have a thought of planning a short trip to Putrajaya tomorrow and visit the place where I saw Midin. But I am still not sure as I definitely will be lone ranger unless I can make someone or bunch of friends to join me with this crazy plan of mine..hehehe...So, friends, do alert with your mobile phone tonight as it might be me ringing you to join me tomorrow..


Lotfi aka Kamitaken


  1. ko ada nombor aku kan? call lah aku. aku nak join. hahahahaha

  2. lotfi, aku xder nombor ur phone x berbunyi malam ni..kekekeke....tapi kalo ko dah ader kat KL ni aku nak je ajak ko, najwa n waseem gi buat aktiviti mcm gini..kali ni kat m'sia

  3. iyda, ko nak ikot aku ke? x kisah berhenti tepi jalan then gi petik paku merah tu under direct sun?...hehehehe

    kalau nak, ko bagitahu kat fb aku ek..

  4. cam sedap jerr..
    nak join tapi tak baper sihat laaaa

  5. Hi Marvic!

    Back home (Sabah) dis is called Lomiding. I normally just stir fry them in sambal and prawns. Yums! :)

  6. fazzy, mmg sedap this dishes..hehehe

    Nessa, in sarawak we called in Midin and stir fry themm in sambal and prawns will be additional...hehhehe..i guess it is not so much different between this two neighbouring states...