Saturday, 27 June 2009

M vs R*

I am in lazy mode during the weekend. Had nothing much to do (actually there is so much things that I can do...) but because of this M virus that infected me badly so the only thing I can do is stay at home (basically on the couch) holding the tv remote control and keep changing the channel looking for the one that can keep me entertain. I woke up really late today. That must be due to the cough syrup that I took last night. I just need to search for my R virus which so long have been gone for ages. Need to look for R before M becoming more dangerous and hardly to cure in the future. The only doctor that can help me with this is my mother... :p But she wont be here until 1st week of Aug. So I need to find my R before she come down to KL. Need to get back on my feet.


Back to my normal mode. Files, books, empty boxes, paper bags...the curtains, pots....

p.s: can I blamed tv for this dangerous virus... :p

This song get me motivated and now I am going to climb high, will keep trying to achieve my goal..Goal of my life. Will continue to keep the faith in me..