Saturday 27 June 2009

M vs R*

I am in lazy mode during the weekend. Had nothing much to do (actually there is so much things that I can do...) but because of this M virus that infected me badly so the only thing I can do is stay at home (basically on the couch) holding the tv remote control and keep changing the channel looking for the one that can keep me entertain. I woke up really late today. That must be due to the cough syrup that I took last night. I just need to search for my R virus which so long have been gone for ages. Need to look for R before M becoming more dangerous and hardly to cure in the future. The only doctor that can help me with this is my mother... :p But she wont be here until 1st week of Aug. So I need to find my R before she come down to KL. Need to get back on my feet.


Back to my normal mode. Files, books, empty boxes, paper bags...the curtains, pots....

p.s: can I blamed tv for this dangerous virus... :p

This song get me motivated and now I am going to climb high, will keep trying to achieve my goal..Goal of my life. Will continue to keep the faith in me..




  1. ok wat kalu kekadang ade virus M..

  2. iyda...congrats dpt 1st FC

    kekadang tu bleh la...kalau dah berlarut lama sgt pon x ok....hehehehe

  3. wah virus M. Sama laa jugak kita. Tapi laa ni Rizal panggil dia terlebih Vitamin M.

    Ni pun tgh carik mana laa letak vitamin R hari tu. keke

    Tapi okay apa hari sabtu rehat2. Syiok apa. Me just movie marathon aja kat rumah semalam. Haha.

  4. biasa la tuh..weekend mmg tuk relax maaa...ihiks..

  5. U sakit ke Marvic? Oh mc duduk kat rumah, hope u feel better soon, hugs! :)

  6. rizal...vitamin R boleh la..M tetap virus..kekeke

    Aziha, virus M ni dah lama sgt...x baik2 gak.. :p

    Marzie, deman sikit..dpt mc for today tapi still duk kat office until 6 now rasa la penangan Hot &