Monday 29 June 2009

Things in my Mind*

SHOES......I am crazy about shoes. Not that I owned all of above but how much I wish I could have all of it. Actually, you can find all of these shoes in here with more discount and sales via online. They also offer a wide range of shoes for men, women, boys or girls in every style you can imagine. It just like a heaven to me if I can have it all. You just name it, pumps, wedge or even platform. But of course to have a wide range of collections, you need more spacious or practical storage for you to keep your shoes. Something like this...

Click here for more info and designs for shoe rack. You can choose which one is more applicable for your needs. I think I am gonna get one as my collections are getting bigger and occupied more space at home... :p

Now, hungry while surfing for shoes.....

I am craving for meat skewers with delicious peanut sauce..arghhh...

Courtesy of Whendyw

And durians, king of all long I havent taste even one slice. But sadly today, I was advice not to take any fruits for few days by a doctor. This is so frustrating.

Mind you that I am having a slight fever since this morning. So do forgive me with all of these nonsense things that I had in mind. Its getting worst and luckily with the help of the pills...urghhhh (hate medicines)..I am feeling a bit better.

The medicines
Was not even use the MC given by the doc today ... :p

I hope I will be able to drive myself to the office tomorrow since there is lots of work that need to be done and yes..another meeting that I need to sit in...sigh....

I am not a workaholic okay...I just love too be in the office and get myself busy rather than stay at home doing nothing.

Now I am off to ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................




  1. banyak nye kasut wehh.
    ape pon aku suke yang dua dari kanan dan paling bawah sekali tuh.
    cantekk. kaler merah lagi tuh.

    aku dah ade dua kasut kaler merah. hahha

  2. iyda, kalau aku ada semua kasut2 tu mmg bahagia giler..x kawen pon xper..kikikiki......aku mmg hantu kasut..

  3. byknyer..ubat u marvic..nape doc x kasi consume fruit..i thought fruit la food yg least harm..mmm..anyway takecare ..ya..

  4. kasut nih..byknyer..x tawu nk fave would be..the 2nd row from bottom...far right..merah tuh..cantik!..

  5. mcm sama je dgn pilihan si iyda..hahaha...ubat tu baru dpt last week..x tengok lagi ubat yg i dpt today...hahaha..