Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Seeing Through My Eyes 2 *

1) Green Green Grass of Home
2) Rusty Parasit
3) Which Way Should We Go?

4) Look up
5) Fairies of all
6) View from buggy

7) Patriotic we should be
8) Yellow is beautiful

I took all of the above pictures during BERNAS-MMC Golf Tournament at Perangsang Templer Golf Club at Rawang. This tournament is organized by BERNAS & MMC, two big company that belong to the same owner. The Golf Club is just behind National Craft Institute where a fellow blogger who is avid with rattan crafts, Rizal @ Rest n Rileks. Thanks to him also for giving me the direction and the shortest way to go to the place from my home as we both actually stay at the same area. How much I really love blog writing right now as it gives me a group of friends that helps me whenever I need them.

On that day itself, I drove from home at 5.45 am as I need to reach my destination before 6.30 am. One of the VIP is already there when I reached at the club. It shows that a golfer is really serious with their game..hahahaha. Our photographer of the day is also a fellow blogger who do freelance photography, Ahmad Nazif @ Jurufoto. We had to get him as our official photographer, Arif has a family event that he need to attend back home. While the photographer did his duty, me and two siblings, Zullie and Zullie (I only know both their name start with Zullie ...) play around with our compact camera and try to imitating Nazif's style of taking picture. The end result, I took above pictures with compact camera..which I borrow from my brother (I don't have any camera except for camera phone).

Thanks to both blogger, Ahmad Nazif and Rizal for their help. I guess this the wonder of blog writing. Expanding our networking through blogging.


Ken @ Tapestry