Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Open Door *

Remember my entry that mention about me wishing for at least one open door that can bring me out of all the issue that I am facing right now. Well, today there is one door that finally show itself to me but yet the door is not widely open for me to enter. I just managed to seek in and sniff the opportunity for a while but yet not certified to be part in that magical room. Well, at least God did hear my prayer. Thanks be to God.

Still, I hope and definitely will pray hard for the person really fight for my rights and will open the door and greet me with big smile and open arm..aah..I really wish for the open arm...kekeke...Anyway, it is now up to the key person to make it happen (Please..please..please....*cross my fingers).

And of course I am extending my prayers to my fellow friends and family member where ever they are. Pray for their well-being, career opportunity and may God be with them all the time. Bless them in everything that they do. Grant their life with peace and harmonies. Amen.

Do you still remember the saying of "I am a man" and "I am not a super woman" in this entry. I think my next saying is " I am not a super woman but I strive to do my best to be that super woman"


Ken @ Tapestry