Saturday 18 July 2009

Thank you

Now, it seem that the open door wont be there for me or I might not be there to enter the open door. Nothing that I can say much..I had so much fun do blog writing. I think I started to achieve my goal a bit by bit which I start from a scratch. I met friends throughout Malaysia and some out from Malaysia via blog. But sometimes things can get out of our control and messed up. I think I should stop mumblings right now..Thanks for everything..I wont be around.


  1. Oh no, whats wrong Marvic? Merajuk ke? Hugs!!!

  2. Marvic, jangan hilang lama-lama yer.

    Nanti kami semua rindu.

    Jaga diri baik-baik sementara itu.

  3. Jangan Hiatus lama-lama. Nasib Baik terserempak petang tadi masa mengeCHOP!! huhu

  4. Iyda, Marzie and Rizal: I was merajuk last week and nearly to close my blog but then i realized I cant close up my blog because i seriously love blogging..nobody can take this blog from me.. :p

  5. maria!!! jgn berhenti blogging!! blog ni tempat me'release'kan semua tensi-tensi kita!! keep on blogging!