Saturday 25 July 2009

Seeing Through My Eyes 3 *

*Girl at the chili stall*Smell so good*From an amateur's lens*

* Aunty selling Orchids*Colourful Orchids* Pink Colour Orchid*

*Pile of brochures*CM of N.9* Brochures on rice*

p.s: More pictures uploaded at my Facebook's album.

I took the above pictures while I was on duty during the State Agriculture's Expo in Negeri Sembilan. I am still here in the state as the expo continues open to public until 28th July 2009. I took lots of it but uploaded most of it in my Facebook's album. I've been here for the same reason last year but didn't take any photo. Basically, my team and I are a bit bored each day during the expo because the public are not really into getting more information on our display. Except when we actually distributing free "Bubur Lambuk" (a porridge) to the public. People willing to queuing up in one long line just to get the free porridge. But none willing to ask any question regarding to the paddy and rice industry. So, most of the day I will sit down quietly minding my own business (Face-booking, take pictures or reading). Personally I think people should come forward and ask us any question about the industry...Please do challenge us with some tough question on the industry, types of rice (my favourite topic), the range of product or anything else. The situation usually a bit different when we have our exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Maybe because of the different crowd I guess.

Anyway, I still have three more days working in this expo and cant wait to be at home next Wednesday. I mean home at my home town. I'll be flying to Kuching next Wednesday's night as I need to attend a brainstorming Meeting / Business Plan. The meeting will take place in a new resort called Damai Puri Resort & Spa at Teluk Penyu Santubong Sarawak. I just cant wait to taste Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak and what else?...hmmm ..of mom's home cook..Hahahaha.... (this entry totally bringing me back to my hometown right now)


Pak Ngah


  1. Kitak memang pandey gilak ngambik gambar, Maria. Mun kitak ke Kuching jangan lupa ambil gambar Jambatan Gantung (dekat PetraJaya)di waktu petang. Kacak gilak!

    Pak Ngah memang nostalgik gilak mun terkenang Kuching. Ajib membesar di Taman Sejoli dan di SHOAW, Matang. Teringat kamek dengan Jalan Gambier (beli tikar Sarawak), India Street (beli kain), Elektra House (beli barang elektrik), Kubah Ria (makan nasi ayam), pasar Jalan Satok (beli pelanduk!).

    Teringat Pak Ngah cerita kelakar di sia. Pak Ngah mauk beli petai yang harganya RM2 seikat. Pak Ngah mintak harganya RM5 untuk beli tiga ikat. Tapi penjualnya buta huruf dan mati-mati mahukan harga itu jadi RM8. Akhirnya tak jadi menawar dan beli sigek-sigek. Hehehehe.

  2. Thanks Pak Ngah....sikda la pandei gilak.anak ktk, ajib and u lagi la pro sbb guna dslr camera...kmk guna compact camera biasa jak.Evening scenery kat Satok Bridge?..hmmm..lak kmk cuba berhenti kejap and take the pic..

    Sorry, kmk sik tauk sine Taman Sejoli, Matang but will try to find out whereabouts.Tikar sarawak kat Jln Gambier time let me know, i can get even cheaper.

    Maybe we should buat 1 photography/community trip for ur student ke kch. I can ensure u some great places for them to learn more about photojournalism...just an idea

  3. That is a great idea, indeed Maria. May be I'll take them to Kuching this semester if they have the financiers. Taman Sejoli lokasinya lebih kurang 1 km from the Petrajaya Bridge before reaching the roundabout to Matang.

  4. Owh...i think i know where is Taman Sejoli..lak kmk singgah ambik gambar signage jak..LOL..

    Pak Ngah, if the trip jadi..i want to follow sekali boleh? hmmmm...boleh ambik peluang belajar photojournalism and be the tourist guide. :p

    About financiers..can asked for sponsorship from corporate body that are keen or concern about community least boleh cover half of the expenses...

  5. Benar juak Maria. MPKU boleh sponsor tambang belon sik?

  6. hehehe..Pak Ngah, MPKU ya apa? To get sponsorships from corporate body or govt agencies, 1 need to promise a win-win situation for all parties, corporate bodies & govt agencies definitely need PR value for the their CSR's role...Election dah x lama lagi pak peluang..

  7. U've been tagged here sweetie, sorry tak sempat message yest!