Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Brainstorming Session*

I just went back from Paroi Negeri Sembilan on the 28th July and flying to Kuching on 29th July for Brainstorming Session organized by BCSB. Attended by all executive in Sarawak, we headed to Damai Puri Resort & Spa that situated at Santubong area on Friday, 31st July. I am of course excited during the weekend because I just love to be near beach. The scenery was breathtaking and peaceful. I plan to capture all the beautiful scenery during my stay at the resort but unfortunately I cant find any ample time to do so due to the pack schedule. We start with our session from Friday afternoon till late midnight and carry out the next day with early aerobic at 6.30 am, brainstorming at 8 am till late night and even continued on Sunday as well. I don't really enjoyed my work trip this time because I had migraine on Saturday and it totally affect my mood. But luckily I managed to sneak out about an hour and had my day nap at the beach. It was like my dream came true as I always wanted to do so at the beach. Just me alone, close my eyes and listening to the music of the sea. So peaceful. The weather not that hot like any other day..So my luck..hahaha..sorry boss.. :p

Talked about the food..hmmm..marvelous and yummy as if i were at the heaven of food. We had morning breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner and supper. Now I'm afraid that I might have extra kilo on my weight. Something that I need to worry about..

The session was quite fruitful as we managed to cover all the topics and I did learnt and got to know overall operations.