Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lots of Photo and Story *

Last Monday, 11th August 2009..I was graduated at UPM for my MCC. My family flew all the way from Sarawak to KL just to be with me for my moment of joy (hehehehe). My nieces have to skipped their school (sorry..hehehe), their mother took all of her Christmas's annual leave and my parent have to left behind their livestock, and their farms as well and I took one week off to be their tourist guide. Trust me, it is not that easy to entertain this 4 years old naughty nephew.Pheww.... tiring. We took lots of picture as we went to few shopping malls, Floria Fest 2009 at Putrajaya as well during my convocation. Here is some of the pictures...

* During my convocation * A snap shoot from Floria Fest 2009 *

* On my way to the campus * Three generation: Father, Grandson, Daughter *

* At Pavillion *

Yesterday, we have blogger gathering for Lotfi aka Kamitaken and family before they heading to Australia today. More blogger came in like Roshidi and his family, Ahmad Nazif, Nurleeta, Udey, Dwen and me myself of course in the picture. Didnt took much picture as most of us

are busy talking and playing with Waseem, the famous one...Here is some of the snap shoot..

* Waseem *

* Nazif, Waseem, Me and Nurleeta *
- Lotfi is just behind us -

More picture in here


Ahmad Nazif

* cerita Waseem mengatasi cerita konvo aku.. :p