Sunday 23 August 2009

2nd day of Ramadhan*


Erince and her McDonald moment

Erince again

Captured her picture last Friday during lunch hour at McDonald, The Curve.

Today is the second day of Ramadhan and its my third year of fasting as a non muslim. My first year of fasting was so horrible as I would throw up every single food that I took during my sahur. My 1st day on my 1st year of fasting is something that I would always remember. My brother woke me up for sahur as he told me that most of the food outlet closed during Ramadhan. So I ate and then went back to my bed. In the morning, I woke up and throw up. Maybe because of my digestion. In the afternoon, I was so hungry but I didnt take my lunch because I promise with my brother that I would be fasting and have dinner with them that day. So, I went back home at 4.30 pm, wait for my bus which was totally late, then the traffic was quite bad and I end up at LRT Putra Station at Keramat around 7pm. I still need to wait for another bus to reach home. The thing is that I didnt know that the bus driver would only get back on the road after their break their fast. I was still new in KL, I didnt know what time do people in KL break their fast, I didn't leave my seat to get some drink over the road just because I was afraid that I might miss the bus. So there I was sit still till its already 7.30 pm then the bus started to go back on the road. I was so damn hungry and I reached home at 8.30 pm with a terrible headache. The next day I started to be smart. I had some sandwiches and drink with me because I knew I will reach home pretty late. So there's go my 1st year of fasting.

My second year was quite okay as I had prepare myself by fasting a week earlier so that I can get myself use to it. Proudly I can say that I was able to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan without fail. Now, its my third year of fasting and so far the days are okay for me. Start my day with dates and a glass of water and break my fast like anyone else except that alone as my brother and his family has been moving out since last year. What I wish from Allah for this Ramadhan is a good health for myself and people surround me. Nothing else than that and of course self-cleansing (for me)..hahahaha..can it be count in?... :)

In the month of Ramadhan, I do beading on Raya outfit for some of my colleagues. Tomorrow there will be another one coming in and I definitely will be one of the busy bee..


Iyda Juhar


  1. bagus bagus.. i sokong u sentiasa.. ehheh :))

  2. selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak :)

  3. dear, perempuan bole cuti beberapa hari.. ;) hehe.. anyway, i'm glad that u r fasting sama2 with us.. so 1 malaysia.. ;)

  4. hey there, its good to hear tht u r fasting . wahhh! impress!
    anyway,wht make u do it? ahhaa. just curious :)
    well,happy fasting.its a happy moment when to break the fast.

  5. Salam Ramadhan Marvic. Buat yg terbaik dlm pelbagai perkara² yg baik dlm bulan Ramadhan ni ya. :)

  6. iyda, thanks...selamat berpuasa to u too

    Diya, mine dtg ikot mood.kekadang dtg kekadang x langsung ..thats why leh je pose penuh... :p..1 Malaysia? hahaha..Batu Caves je x naik lagi ni..hehehe

    Anonymous, thanks, my reason is just to respect the month of Ramadhan and for self-cleansing...of course at first the reason why is for something else but now it doesnt matter at all... :p

    nurleeta, ni xder apa2 la...kalau I dah naik Batu Caves ke, or jalan atas bara api nanti baru u all leh respect dgn i..hahahaha

    Bain, salam ramadhan Bain and to myra too...bulan ni i x leh emotional sgt..marah2, gossiping etc dah stop jap..hehehe