Friday 21 August 2009

Photography and me*

Two love bird. Took this as my so called assignment of the day.

Our equipment. Mine is only compact camera but his is dslr camera. Well, there is no boundaries in photography. You can even use camera phone when necessary.

My partner in crime. He actually taught me about taking pictures

Some of you might be wondering, some might not but for sure you must be realized that some of my pictures has been getting better than before. Well, I learn and still in the process of learning as the learning process itself will never end. I did took course of photography during my 1st degree but didn't actually practice it. But now, I started photography as this can be very interesting hobby . Simple and usual object can be captured with different perspectives as the pictures itself can tell thousand of stories to the viewer. It deliver emotions and give life to the picture. I definitely will take more pictures and upgrade my skills in photography. Soon, I will own dslr camera...hahaha..its in my list thou for such a long time already. It will be love of my life as much I love someone... :p

But thanks to dear friend that willing to teach me and gives comments on my pictures. And of course few other bloggers that are really good in photography as well, thanks for your love comments guys.

Lastly, I would like to wish to all muslim have a meaningful fasting month (Ramadhan). This may include, Emila Yusof, Marzie, Baincardin, Lotfi, Ahmad Nazif, Pak Ngah, Linda, Fazzy, Iyda, Khemy, Roxychicks, Rizal, Nurleeta, Roshidi and the rest of bloggers. I'm so sorry if I left out your name in here..





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  2. Maria, did you focus on the cage purposely?

  3. wawawa.. makin serius nampak.. great!!

  4. thanx. selamat berpuasa too. aku baru nak cakap pasal burung tu. pak ngah dah tegur. hehehe.

  5. Asma,camera saya yg kecik,camera cikgu saya yg besar tu..hahaha

    Anonymous,thanks for the link...will appreciate it if u can leave ur name than "anonymous'

    Pak Ngah,the birds actually sharing food which for me they show that caring with each other is the 1 of crucial thing in this, purposely snap the picture...

    Fazzy, i am serious with watever i'm doing including photography... hahaha

    Lotfi,soalan ko tu aku kira dah dijawap la sbb sekali dgn pak ngah ek... :)

  6. beautiful photographs it's seems that you arte dedicated to the work of photography.


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  7. Saavi, do u think so?..hmmm..will think about that seriously...

  8. good for you!! as for the first photo, try to focus on the birds, dear!

  9. Kak emi, i tried to focus on the bird but i cant do much using the compact camera... :p