Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mother & Daughter*

I want to talk with my mother on things that happen to me in these few day but I cant because I don't really share my personal life with her. Some more I am afraid that she may be disappointed with me and she definitely will ask me transfer back to hometown and which I just cant. There was too many painful memories for me back then. Talking about mother, I always envy people around me that seem really close with their mother whereby they even can share almost everything. But not my mother because whenever I try to start a mother-daughter kind of conversation, she will be there for a while and after that she not there anymore. It make difficult for me to talk with her. Plus, she have this look that even none of us in the family wouldn't dare to say anything else. But, of course apart of communication skills, she is the best mother ever because she care about her children including me. Anyway, the point of this entry is, I need my mother at this point of time but I cant talk about it with her because I know what she going to say to me after ward. That will leave me with more pain in me.

I wish I can be somewhere else....somewhere far from here where nobody know me. Can I hate my life? YES for the bad things and NO for the good thing. Gosh..I need time flies fast. Wish that tomorrow will be 27th Feb 2010. I want to be the new me which is more stronger then ever.

p.s: I don't even know what I want and what I should do right now. Only time can heal me


Shirley Snow