Friday 28 August 2009

CD Label *

CD Label - Flowery
Created using Adobe Illustrator CS3

Last night, I had an idea of creating my own CD label. I had so many pictures in my archive. It is about time for me to keep it all in one CD. Most of the motif is more to flowery design. I definitely will designing more as this doing this is so much fun. At least my night time is fully occupied with lots of fruitful creative idea. Maybe I can designing illustration on fabric, bags, cards and more that I can think of.

So, Ruzlan, what do you think of it?...




  1. I dunno abt RUzlan, but I think it's pretty, love the flowers dearie! :)

  2. owh marzie..i'm glad that u are chopping in too love the flowers...thanks for the compliment dear

  3. That's fine ! It's how you want that matters.
    Others, to comment would be only the enlargement part. Some designers like more white space and some don't ! In this case, filling a little bit more by enlarging either the flowers or those named petals can add balance between space area and subject.

    Then, you can export this image and save as Jpeg file. Open up in Photoshop and you can do other colour combinations. Look into Hue, Saturation, Brightness - just slide any readings in there and you have a different colour family.

    I would try and do one tutorial and call you up, okay. Hang on in here !

  4. thanks ruzlan...i'm waiting for the tutorial