Saturday 29 August 2009

Flowers *

Flower 1 for Michele

Flower 2 for Debie

Flower 3 for Jocie
(since she has been so quiet with no news)

Flower 4 for Shirley
(Is this what happen to you few months back?...its a wild guess from me :p)

I got this flowers during my last convocation and now it dry out on the table. I don't want to throw it out yet because the bouquets is so meaningful to me. For the record, so far i only received bouquet of flowers during my convocations. Some of you might be surprise but that the reality. But somehow I like it that way. So my next bouquet will be during my next convocation... :)


I am so depressing as this is the longest weekend and my best girlfriends is in Kuching. I miss them so much. I just wish that I can fly back to Kuching and be with them just for the weekend. After our last graduation back in 2005, it is difficult for us to get together like what we use to be during our campus day. We even been housemate for two years. I still remember during our first year in colleage, we always hang around by the lake after our respective group discussion. Then, there will be our midnight movie. We would simply watch horror movie in dark then we would scream out aloud. We stick together when there was 'scary moment' during that particular night...owh..that was really scary ...I bet they will laugh if they read this...

Michele, Shirley, Debie, Pearlycia, Jocie, Aluyah, Antoinette...I miss you guys so much...I guess I deserved to be alone during the weekend because I choose to work and stay in KL. I promise that I will be back for good very soon....I hope so....hahahaha

p/s: Luahan perasaan seorang perantau yg jauh daripada kengkawan




  1. yay..its u TH being the 1st to chop for this entry... :)

  2. i have no experience of convo-ing before, and honestly, i'm pretty nervous to see what people will be giving me on the special day.. hehehe.. bouquet of flower would be nice. dapat hadiah boyfriend lagi best! hahhaa.. erk. ada ke? (T_T)

  3. diya, dpt bouquet of flowers from my mom is the best gift ever....from boyfriend?...sedih la plak nak cakap sbb xder boyfriend lagi..kekekeke

  4. Good times come and go ! You can't win all - that's life. It would certainly make you a stronger person inside out ! I think you know this well. There'll be new friends coming and those you missed will be there. Do keep in touch. Thanks for inviting me into here - I've been slightly busy but I'll come around.
    Nice dry flowers. It's best to hang them upside down in the process of drying them.
    Plenty of nice comments from nice people in here too.
    Take Care in this weather !

  5. hi ruzlan, thanks for the comments....