Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I want Emila's handmade dolly *

I want...

I want...

I want...

Little Red & Green Ridinghood
Material: felt, fibre filling, knitting yarn & sequins

"I want Emila’s cute handmade dolly because this dolly had bring me down to my childhood memory lane. "

It is simply because she remind me of my sweet handmade dolly I made of using 'kain sarong' when I was a child back then. I learnt about this origami using cloth from my dearest aunt that was baby-sit me. Back then, I always quarrel with my little brother, so as our (me and my brother) mother had to asked her sister to baby-sit me for few days at her home. So, my brother and I are separated for few days. While staying with my aunt, she taught me lot of things about being a girl. I was only 7 years old. One of the skills is making handmade dolly using cloth. That handmade dolly became my baby doll for few days. I even burned out her kitchen while playing 'masak-masak'. Hahahaha....such a wonderful memory lane that Emila's handmade dolly made me feel right now. Thanks to my aunt too.

If you want it to, you can just click here to find out our way to own this handmade dolly.