Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stories & Pictures*

Stories 6:

I was among Malaysian that feel the tremor from the earthquake last Thursday. I was still working on my desk at my 10th floor office somewhere in Petaling Jaya. I obviously panicking and quickly send out shout out at my FB regarding to the tremors. Then only we got the news that Sumatra Island was hit by 7.3 on the Richter scale. Gosh....Thanks to God for giving me another chance to live my life to the fullest..Here I come...with new life adventure...

Stories 7:

My colleagues and I was featured in local newspaper, Utusan Malaysia and Harian Metro for recent Open House by our company. We was there as the usherette for the guests. The event was held in Dewan Perdana Felda, Keramat last Thursday.

Harian Metro
(Thats me...hehehe)

Utusan Malaysia
(Thats me again)

The Usherette and Photographer

The team with GM Corporate Communication

Strike a pose with The Legend, Rohani Talib

Stories 8:

Last Friday night was one of our Gossip Girls's group member tying knots with her love one. The whole group was there witnessing her 'akad nikah' at Bukit Jelutong. Then we attend her reception at Wisma PKPS at Shah Alam. I rate the wedding with 10/10 scale.

The beautiful bride - W Noor Faridah

The Gossip Girls

All for 1, 1 for All

With the Brides on their beautiful dais